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Femme Liberte T-shirt

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Unleash the power of feminism with our "Femme Liberte" T-shirt, a declaration of empowerment and freedom. Designed for voices that advocate for equality, this t-shirt isn't just a piece of clothing; it's a statement.

Crafted from a soft and breathable cotton blend, it's made to provide comfort for all-day activism or casual wear. The classic round neckline and short sleeves boast a timeless silhouette, ensuring a flattering fit for every body shape and size.

Our Femme Liberte tee takes centre stage with its bold typography and the symbolic feminine motif, making it a powerful conversation starter and a staple in any change-maker wardrobe.

Whether you're marching on the frontlines of a rally or cultivating discussions in your everyday life, this feminist t-shirt supports the cause and transcends style. It's durable, washable, and designed to withstand the rigours of passionate expression and everyday activism.

Sizing is inclusive, catering to a diverse range of bodies, because we believe that everyone should wear their values with pride. Team it with your favourite jeans for a laid-back look or a blazer for an edgy yet professional statement.

Stand up, stand out, and wear your liberation. The Femme Liberte T-Shirt is your ally in the fight for equality.

Key Features:

  • Soft and breathable 100%
  • Classic round neckline and short sleeve design
  • Bold "Femme Liberte" feminist statement print
  • Inclusive sizing for all body types
  • Durable fabric and construction
  • Easy to wash and care for

Celebrate your freedom, express your values, and inspire change with the Femme Liberte T-Shirt.

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